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Dear colleagues, you wish to join the MATHEC network and it will be our pleasure to count you amongst MATHEC’s new active members.

To become a member and gain unlimited access to the MATHEC website, you must:

• Be a member of the Société Francophone de Greffe de Moelle et de Thérapie cellulaire (SFGM-TC, and have paid your SFGM-TC dues for the current year

• Send proof of your status as an “active member of SFGM-TC” (current annual dues) to

• Commit to respect the principles set in MATHEC’s operational charter (reproduced below) which includes confidentiality and keeping data and protocols you will have access to restricted to your medical practice.

1.Further knowledge, improve clinical practices, develop care and research activities for clinical and biological follow-up in patients suffering from autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases and treated with bone marrow transplantation and other methods of cellular therapy in France.

2.Allow patients and patient associations access to information consistent with good clinical practice (GPC), and updated scientific data, indications, and practices of stem cell therapy for the treatment of autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases.

3.Allow physicians to participate to the national multidisciplinary consultation meeting (RCP) via telephone or videoconferencing to validate, by consensus, treatment indications for stem cell therapy in patients suffering from autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases (scleroderma, lupus, multiple sclerosis, chronic peripheral neuropathy, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, and others), according to the model used for rare cancers (Plan cancer INCa) and rare diseases (Orphanet, PNMR3)

4.Provide accessibility to standardized practice protocols, consistent with procedures validated and implemented by centers certified according to French and European standards (JACIE accreditation) in bone marrow transplantation and stem cell therapy as treatment for autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases. By bringing together the skills of experts in stem cell therapy and in each relevant autoimmune and auto-inflammatory disease, these procedures ensure a global and multidisciplinary approach to patient care and the implementation of European or International recommendations for treatment and follow-up consistent with the standards required for stem cell therapy.

5.Enable the collection of combined data on the stem cell therapy follow-up  (MED A, MED B) for relevant autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases for all patients treated in collaboration with the SFGM-TC and EBMT by using the common MATHEC registry available online.

Please click on “Formulaire d’adhésion MATHEC” to access the form which you will need to send with proof of paid SFGM-TC dues to the following address: