MATHEC’s coordinating team, at Saint-Louis hospital, Paris, AP-HP, is labeled « Centre de Référence des Maladies auto-immunes systémiques rares d’Île-de-France (site constitutif) » within the Filière FAI2R in accordance with the french orphan rare disease plan (PNMR3). MATHEC multidisciplinary patient evaluation procedure  (RCP MATHEC) was created in 2007 under the auspices of the SFGM-TC scientific council in order to validate the indications and transplant  procedures according to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines . Over the years, the MATHEC network was gradually established within that setting. The not-for-profit MATHEC Association, pursuant to the law of July 1st 1901 and bearing the name Maladies auto-immunes et Thérapie Cellulaire, was founded on November 15th 2014 (Journal official du 15/11/2014, N°46 de la 146ème année).

The Association is authorized to collect remunerations for  clinical research activities and teachings in the field of cellular therapy and autoimmune diseases, in compliance with the Association’s purpose. All resources, including cash donations and legacy, will be attributed and handled by the APHP. The Association’s principal resources are:

  • Subsidies of the State, or some other administration or collective
  • Resources collected through various activities of the Association, notably scientific conferences and events, continuing professional education, publication of scientific works and teaching documents, stand rentals, service delivery studies, file rentals and other services.
  • The proceeds of parties or events, the interest and royalties of the property and securities that the Association may possess, as well as payment for services rendered, and payment in return for the provision of services.

MATHEC Centers

MATHEC within the FAI2R
MATHEC: Center of reference for rare systemic autoimmune diseases. Ile-de-France, Constitutive Site, Pr Dominique Farge

MATHEC internationally